Firecrackers, firepots on the road … Scuffles in Verviers during New Year's Eve

The police have made various arrests.

thepolice intervention on the night of the evening in the district of Hodimont, gives Tuesday the Maas Verviers on its website.

Between 50 and 100 young people had gathered between the streets of Saucy and the Hodimont, where they first celebrated and threw a stunner. Then they lit on a roundabout and on the road.

Vesdre's police zone confirms this information and explains that it has intervened quickly to clean up the crowd and let the fire department extinguish the various houses.

A total of 18 police officers intervened, armed with shields for rioting and non-lethal weapons, to disperse the troublemakers.

There were two administrative arrests for disruptions of public order. These arrests have brought the competition to rest. Around midnight the calm returned to the neighborhood.
The police zone added, which has patrolled all night in these streets where no incident took place.

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