Good deal iPhone X: Apple’s iconic smartphone down 60%

Another big drop for an iconic Apple smartphone, the iPhone X, by -60%! A revised model: offered revised, nothing to do with the occasion (and an ecological approach).

It no longer makes sense to present the iPhone X, a real revolution for Apple. Because the Cupertino company, after models stagnated for years, decided to spend the second on new technologies for its range. Apple has always shown itself to be a driving force behind innovation, even working on a foldable iPhone to replace … the iPad Mini. Unfortunately for those looking to get their hands on the iPhone X, this is a model that has only been produced for a short time. But it is still possible to find it renovated. That is to say, renovated in perfect condition, not used here.


iPhone X

405 €

iPhone X

The price of the iPhone X sees today, November 11 at 5 p.m., fall to the attractive price of 405 euros. Not to mention that promotional codes are also available at this address. What to lower the price of the iPhone X a little more, some more. But what does this model in bulk offer this model that inspired all the following to the iPhone 12, also offered in discount, but completely new? There is an OLED panel, designed by Samsung, specialist in the genre. 3D face recognition is provided with Face ID, as well as a powerful photo sensor and the iOS mobile operating system.

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