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Instagram wants to filter antivirus messages with AI

The social network has not indicated what the message will be that will appear, but it should happen automatically when an algorithm detects certain keywords related to antivirus movements.

Instagram already places such messages on people who post photos or stories related to opioids, animal abuse and self-harm.

This announcement from Instagram comes two months after the parent company, Facebook, announced plans to tackle the proliferation of misinformation about immunization. Unlike many publications on social networks, vaccines are not harmful to health, as Health Canada calls. (New window).

In the context of the Facebook announcement, Instagram said it would reduce the scope of publications, disinformation about vaccines, including detecting the hashtags used by these movements. However, anti-vaccine groups responded quickly by changing hashtags to bypass the artificial intelligence of the social network.

Measles outbreak

The effects of this disinformation campaign are currently being felt in the United States, where at least 764 measles cases were reported in the past year, more than double the previous year.

The United States said the measles had been eradicated 19 years ago due to the effectiveness of the vaccine.

According to Health Canada (New window)Measles is one of the most contagious diseases. It first causes fever, cough, moodiness and sleepiness, and then red spots on the body of the infected person. The disease can then degenerate and cause blindness, pneumonia or even encephalitis that can cause epileptic seizures, brain damage or death.

There is no cure for measles once it starts, but most people recover in two or three weeks if they are in good health and follow their doctor's instructions. However, the measles vaccine is effective and safe to prevent this disease before it occurs.

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