“Koh-Lanta”: a winner that was not expected

You have dreamed so much about it. There they are!“At the opening of the program, Denis Brogniart presents to the three finalists of Koh-Lanta: the 4 countries, the posts that may open the doors of victory to them. Sack on the back, Loïc, Alexandra and Brice firmly place themselves on a pole. ” If you’re here today, it’s because you earned all threecontinues the host, recalling that the adventurer who will stay on the poles the longest will win the event and will be able to choose which of the two eliminated will accompany him to the final jury.

After an hour, the three finalists have to drop the left part of their post. Asked by Denis Brogniart, Alexandra declares that everything is fine, that she is thinking about her daughters, her husband, her family. An hour later, the adventurers remove another part of the wooden plinth, their feet are only balanced on a triangle of 17 by 10 centimeters and after this second complication Alexandra falls.

Sitting on the sand, away from her comrades, the adventurer sees Loïc and Brice, the respective representatives of the East and the West, collide. Loïc is the second to fall, making Brice the winner of the posts. The latter cries for joy. “Nothing could happen to me on these messages. I was in harmony, it went well. I thought it was for my family. I couldn’t let go. To do Koh-LantaIt’s a dream, but here we are. The dream has reached its peak“says Brice.”I no longer felt my feet. I had a moment of devolution. A great hat for Brice. He deserves it“, then launches Loïc.

Brice eventually decides to go to the final with Alexandra. It is a strategic choice, it does not hide it. “It’s an abstract and crazy calculation, a difficult choice. I know it hurts Loïc and it hurts me”explains Brice. “If he wants to beat the final jury, it is more complicated against Loïc“, Alexandra admits. In turn, Loïc is disappointed, but fully understands Brice’s choice.” “It marks the end of this Koh-lanta. It’s over for me. It is the dream that crumbles. I thought he would choose me, he explains. I fully understand. He won the posts, it is to his credit. I have nothing to say.

The final jury was stunned

When the final jury sees Lola and Dorian, the two eliminated from the orienteering event, coming, they smile. Alix deals with Dorian whose strategy she has not understood. While the adventurer tries to defend himself, Hadja shows him: “You present yourself as a victim“, she says. Lola, on the other hand, receives congratulations from her comrades.”At first I hadn’t put a cent on you“she said before she”great trip“of the young northerner.

At the sight of Loïc eliminated from the posts, there is a wave of discontent. “Oh no!“, launch, disappointed, the old adventurers.”It was the worst scenario that could happen. Brice won and chose Alex“says Bertrand-Kamal, between grief and nervousness.”That’s the life, that’s the way it is“, replies Loïc who loses in it Koh-Lantahowever, will have won the hearts of his comrades.

The tribute to Beka: “I know you are with us, up there”

All adventurers of the final jury are invited to attend Denis Brogniart one by one on the set of TF1 to attend the vote count live and without an audience due to the Covid-19. Loïc, green scarf with biceps and a t-shirt on, 40 days in Koh-Lanta, arrives to the applause of his comrades. Only Bertrand-Kamal, who died of pancreatic cancer on September 9 at the age of 30 a few months after returning from the shooting Koh-Lanta, missing. “We think very much about him tonight. We dedicate the entire season to him“, launches Denis Brogniart.”We both talked so much about this finale. I know you’re up there with us.“An empty chair with its headscarf is one of the adventurers.”Bertrand-Kamal, you are with us, in our hearts and forever. You made your dream come truethe host continues before launching a retrospective.

Annick and Samir, Bertrand-Kamal’s parents, came to represent their son on the set of TF1. “He always wanted to win. He was a fighter and I would like to take advantage of my presence to thank all the adventurers. He has told us so much about you“said Beka’s mother before also thanking all of France for her support. Annick says she was”touched” by “receive all love messages“since the disappearance of Bertrand-Kamal.

Hadja, the former teammate of Bertrand-Kamal in the East and Red teams, spoke in turn: “Beka, as soon as I met him, he gave me a lot of love for the whole Green team. I also lost my brother a year and a half ago“explains the adventurer with a strong character.”It was immediately agreed with Betrand-Kamal. I told him I had found a new brother. Thanks to him I had a great adventure. Even after that, we remained very united.

Denis Brogniart took advantage of this final to launch the “For Bertrand-Kamal” fund, intended to advance research in the fight against pancreatic cancer. The adventurers were the first to hand over a check for 1,120 euros.

The tribute to Bertrand-Kamal ends with the presentation of the season’s totem pole to the parents of the missing adventurer who made this edition of Koh-Lanta.

The face-to-face is close. After counting the 12 ballots, the name of the winner is known. With 7 votes (Alix, Lola, Jody, Loïc, Bertrand-Kamal, Angélique and Laurent), against 5 (Hadja, Dorian, Fabrice, Ava and Joaquina), it is Alexandra, an adventurer from the East, who takes the adventure. “I am very moved. By participating in Koh-Lanta, I wanted to show that with determination you can make your dreams come true. I wanted to show it to my daughters. I think I’m hereSays the winner of the season. Brice, an unfortunate finalist, stopped speaking after his defeat. Before the count, however, he announced that he would become a father for the first time halfway through. -December With Alexandra’s victory, the whole East wins. Koh-Lanta: the 4 countries.

Denis Brogniart will give the final say by announcing it next season Koh-Lanta takes place in French Polynesia.

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