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Make money with … pits!


The Jaguar Land Rover Group is experimenting with a system that rewards civic drivers.

Of course the system only exists in the project phase. However, a project that has been well advanced since it is being tested, currently in Ireland, on a fleet of Jaguar F-Pace and Range Rover Velar.

It has been a while since manufacturers have been looking for the merits of connected cars. Sometimes we doubt their real usefulness, because this permanent connectivity can on the contrary be the source of much distraction at the wheel. But the application tested by JLR could clearly be a more proven safety … while putting a little butter into the spinach of the drivers involved and respecting the safety of other road users.

What is it exactly? The principle revolves around a collection of data. The British group has a so-called & # 39; smart wallet & # 39; created so that people who take the time to report the presence of holes in the road, dangers on the road or state traffic can be paid in "cryptocurrency". These owners of Jaguar or Land Rover vehicles can then theoretically use this "money" to pay some toll, charge for electrified vehicles, parking fees or a coffee break on the highway. JLR hopes that this type of device will help in the future to speed up traffic, reduce accidents and at the same time reduce pollution caused by delays and generations.

If the device is deployed one day at home, we imagine, given the state of the Belgian network, that some owners of Jaguar or Land Rover make really little money …

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