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one day 100% Harry Potter at the beginning of the year!

It is a long day in the land of the wizards that will start at 9 am on Saturday, February 16, 2019 at the International Center of Deauville (Calvados). "Welcome to the wizard" welcomes the many fans of Harry Potter's universe in Deauville. Numerous animations, stands, meetings, signing sessions and photo 's will accentuate the event. You can learn how to make drinks or play movies with the actors who lent their voices to the wizards. It is a real convention that will please all the gazers*!

the actress Natalia Tena will be present this day. It is known that she played the role of Schouwer Nymphadora Tonks in the Harry Potter sagaas well as the wild Osha in the HBO Game Of Thrones series.

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A rich program

• An escape room by Harry Potter.
• Divination courses.
• Animations on a green background where Gargouille Production is immersed in the magical world of Harry Potter.
• Introduction to Quidditch. Fans can even watch a demonstration and view live broadcasts.
• A position to discover the world of Cosplayers.
• A workshop drumsticks by NumWand Factory.
• Flash tattoos from Deauville Ink.
• A space to relax with books, games, storytelling (Audiolib) and zen colors
• Cosplay competition: a jury will deliberate to reward the best costumes for children and adults.
• "The snack" will be present all day to ensure the restoration on the spot.
• A prestigious evening ends the day. The Barrière Casino Ambassadors Lounge welcomes fans for dinner and a ball in the presence of the two actors of the saga who will give a lecture. Natalia Tena alias Tonks has already confirmed her presence. A magical moment in a "Wizard rock" atmosphere hosted by the Tuxedo group.
• Meeting with an owl Snow owl calling Hedwig back (13:30 to 17:30).
• Studio dubbing scenes of films animated by Pierre Lacombe and accompanied by comedian French voices from the saga Harry Potter and Fantastic Animals.
• Virtual reality workshops.
• a signing session and a self-portrait with two actors of the saga (option with the "Pass Momento" for € 35 per person, giving access to the village, the photo shoot and the dedication.
• An exhibition of objects, some of which are used in the films, as well as several editions of the first part, signed by JK Rowling.
• Photos behind the wheel of the legendary Ford Anglia 105E Deluxe from the movie "Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets". Before you can get on board the vehicle, you will meet the Hat that will choose your home for you. You can execute a spell.

* name that fans of the film give themselves.

Information indeauville.fr, or Deauville Tourisme on 02 31 14 40 00. Ticketing ticketcid.com – Sale on site within the limits of available places.
Free: – for children younger than 5 years old.
Magic Pass: € 5; Access to the village (entertainment areas, activities and stands).
Pass Memento I: 35 €; Access to the photo shoot and dedication with Natalia Tena + access to the village
Pass Memento II: 35 €; Access to the photo shoot and dedication with the second actor + access to the village
The Wizarding & Evening: 60 € for adults (Salon Ambassadors evening + access to the village at C.I.D during the day)
28 € for less than 14 years (Ambassador's lounge + access to the village at the C.I.D. during the day)
Ticket information is provided by C.I.D. (02 31 14 14 14, open from Monday to Friday from 8.30 am to 6 pm)

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