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one hundred canceled passes at Brussels Airport and Charleroi, delays planned until & # 39; evening

Eurocontrol, the European airspace inspector, confirms that Belgian air is closed on Thursdays from 9.30 a.m. It must remain closed until 1 p.m. These malfunctions are the result of a spontaneous action by the staff of Skeyes, the Belgian air traffic controller.

The air traffic controllers from Skeyes guide the planes taking off from Belgium and landing on the flat land. They manage air traffic in flight up to a height of 24,500 feet, or around 7,500 meters.

Eurocontrol, which has been working since Maastricht, is taking over this size.

Brussels Airport reports 90 canceled flights departing and arriving at the airport. Many flights are also delayed until 1 p.m. at which time the airspace must be reopened. A spokesperson reports that the delays will last until the evening.

At Brussels South Charleroi Airport, a dozen flights are canceled (five take-offs and five landings). The delays also accumulate there.

A social agreement was reached last week, but was not supported by ACV-Transcom, the most important trade union in the Belgian aviation company and by the liberal VSOA. According to them, the submitted proposals do not solve the workload and the balance between work and private life of Skeyes.



The management of Skeyes responded to these "unjustified" social actions, she said. Said said Thursday invited "air traffic controllers to explain the social agreement reached Friday, May 10 last. A permanence was organized from 10 am to 7 pm.

"When management discovered that actions were being taken to influence air traffic due to these briefings, it was forced to cancel the meetings. Any other action is considered a wild strike," she warned.

"Excluded from the right to information"

The trade unions claim that the information is planned for the busiest hours of the day. "Suddenly employees are excluded from their right to information," indigned Kurt Callaerts, secretary of the LCA. A call was then made to attend the meetings en masse, he added, which could lead to delays and possibly the closure of airspace in the morning. The union does not accept that Skeyes is talking about a wild strike.

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