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Stolen vehicles, cannabis, cocaine: police Namur dismantles international traffic!


An international traffic of cars and drugs was dismantled on Tuesday by the Namur police, indicated on Friday the prosecutor of the king of Namur, Vincent Macq, and the director of Namur judicial police, Didier Verlaine.

Five suspects from the same family aged 23 and 41 were arrested. Three of them were arrested on Wednesday. The Guinean people were searched in Namur, Jemeppe-sur-Sambre and Charleroi. Some of the stolen or stolen vehicles have been recovered or on the African continent. Various bags of cannabis – for a total weight of around 1.5 kg – and cocaine that is packaged for retail have also been discovered.

Researchers also seized a vehicle that was used for traffic, jammers, cell phones and computers.

According to police, traders went to car dealers who pretended to try vehicles before they were hijacked. They have also done this with lease cars, especially in Poland. Other methods used were insurance supervision and the stolen vehicles that were stolen by a supply network. Members of the organization then traveled to Africa to receive the vehicles sent from the port of Antwerp and sell them on site. The advantage of resale would ultimately have been invested in the purchase of real estate abroad.

The trade in cannabis and cocaine is said to have occurred mainly in the Namur region. According to the survey, around 40 transactions were made per day, mainly for "large quantities". The network provider has been identified.

The five suspects – two brothers, their sister, their mother and their uncle – were already well known to the courts. They are known both about the movement of cars and about narcotics, specify the prosecutor of the king and the police.

In addition to the three people who have been arrested, two others have also been charged but released under certain conditions.

Forty federal police officers from Namur, Charleroi and Bergen were mobilized for the operation. They were supported by their colleagues from the police zone of Jemeppe-sur-Sambre, as well as two dog handlers.

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