These foods that you eat every day are dangerous

In most breakfasts you will find some of these foods: fruit juice, milk, toast with jam or spreads, yogurt… but especially cereals! Star product of the morning meals, however, it is often unhealthy. At least this is what Michel Cymes says.

On November 19, 2020, Michel Cymes wanted to “warn against the traditional bowl of breakfast cereals” in RTL Matin. He points out that not all grains are bad, but you have to be very careful. The key to know? “The more it is processed, the less good it is for health,” he says.

The most popular doctor in France has provided more depth on the subject. In particular, he asked the question, “Do you know why grains are so crunchy?”

“It’s because we made sure they were ventilated. In other words, we destroy the matrix of grains. All of this causes hyperglycemia, which causes the pancreas to make insulin and crash a few hours later. In short, you think you are taking slow sugars, but in reality you are raising your glycemic index to the ceiling, ”said the doctor.

Michel Cymes is not alone in explaining that most grains are unhealthy. A 2017 Consumer Housing Environment Survey (CLCV) already pointed out this phenomenon. So how do you do that? Should We Stop Eating Grains? No, that’s not the only solution, far from it.

Michel Cymes advises first of all to refer to Nutriscore, which is determined by the number of calories, saturated fatty acids, protein, fiber … But beware, this does not take into account how much the product has been transformed or not.

So take small amounts of cereal. The doctor recommends a serving of 30 grams, while some consume nearly 100 grams every morning. Another tip, turn to oatmeal or muesli instead. And of course choose products that do not contain added sugars. If you want sugar, nothing beats fresh fruit or good juice.

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