This Tiktok video featuring Sasha Obama has been deleted … but too late

Like all young girls her age, Sasha Obama shares festive moments with her friends. Footage of the former president’s dancing daughter was shared by a family member on TikTok in late November. They have been seen a million times before being removed.

At the age of 19, Barack and Michelle’s daughter, now an academic, wants a quiet life away from the media.

According to TMZ it is small sister the Malia could quickly make a fortune if she decided to take to social media as the Obamas’ daughter is valuable. The world has seen Sasha grow up who was 8 when she entered the White House with her family. Marketing agencies are trying to lure the younger Obama into their net.

Joe Gagliese, Viral Nation boss, hopes Sasha will sign a contract with his agency. According to him, his income would be $ 5 to $ 8 million every year.

Yes Karkowski, employee at Clearly, estimated the student could claim more than a million dollars to advertise on TikTok.

Lake it is unlikely that the discreet Sasha will share moments from her private life on social networks after she was in the spotlight during her father’s two terms.

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