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When the adventures of Asterix invite themselves to the correctional court of Brussels …


Few of us could have suspected that Asterix would ever appear in the Brussels correctional court, but the little Gaul, conceived by comic writers Albert Uderzo and René Goscinny, was not easily intimidated.

However, not everyone liked his intervention, in a judgment for the 57th Chamber. Both the Flemish and French-speaking magistrates frowned. The judge pronouncing the verdict therefore mocked a dispute that took place in Drogenbos and gave him a Community tint. The incident that the court had to investigate was on February 21, 2017 and is being held in a store where a dispute between two customers has broken out. One of the clients, a woman, took a sea bream from her basket and slapped the other client in the face.

In his judgment, the 57th Chamber Judge compared the incident with the numerous fishing conflicts in the village of Asterix.

The accused woman who shot her with sea bream benefited from the suspension of the sentence, but in her verdict, the judge also suggested that the incident did not seem important enough to be brought to justice.

"If such facts were submitted to a praeto (judge), it is clear from the judgment" he would undoubtedly have stated: & # 39; de minimis non curat praetor & # 39; (the judge is not interested in banalities) ".

The judge further stated, for no apparent reason, that the events took place in a "predominantly French-speaking village on Flemish territory".

Such comments challenged the current magistrates, French and Dutch.

"Not only has the community given a hint to the incident, but the judge has made the case completely ridiculous, it is a bit like the signal that violence can be used."

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