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Two years. It took 24 months before Prime Minister Charles Michel made a proposal, was called up for the first time on the set of the RTBF : a national investment pact. During this time, the project has been approved by communities and regions & # 39; s (even before the majority change in Wallonia), inflated, of 60 billion at 150 today. Philosophy, it has not changed: invest in promising, quickly identified areas: mobility, energy transition, digital, health. These are ultimately the four chosen axes.

What's in this plan? The prime minister will present the highlights on Tuesday, the radio waves of the prime minister at 7.45 am and an important press conference in the Museum of Africa in Tervuren. Under these broad lines we can state the figure of 520 million for the development of the RER, 3 billion for the development of optical fibers, a focus on offshore wind, investments in the field of health. This 150 billion also includes the different regional plans, such as the investment plan for Walloon roads, which represents 500 million.

Michel Delbaere, former chairman of the Flemish Entrepreneurial Network (VOKA), is the chairman of the presentation of this plan on Tuesday. What to frown a little more Union eyebrows, which have hardly been consulted to their liking.

The objectives of this investment pact are known: to focus on long-term strategic sectors (2030) to support economic growth, employment and social protection.


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