20 minutes – Tesla target of several SEC investigations

Tesla's legal problems with the US stock market agent rose on Thursday, between the revelation by the authorities of news about the Model 3 news and the controversial tweet of the CEO a former employee

The SEC has, according to Wall Street Journal in 2017 a subcontractor of the manufacturer of the electric car sent an official request in an attempt to determine if the group had No wrong information about the production of the model 3.

Tesla relies heavily on this new car for the general public, but has had considerable production problems since its launch, which has delayed delivery.

] The SEC wants explanation

The CEO Elon Musk had originally said that he would like to produce 200,000 vehicles by the end of 2017, estimating that he had then revamped 20,000 cars. The group eventually produced 2,700 last year, remembers the Wall Street Journal .

According to the rules, Tesla had violated the rules if the group had been deceived. investors about the cause or extent of delays in production.

The announcement of this survey on Model 3 is because the SEC also, according to the American press, recently asked the group after a tweet. Elon Musk announced his intention to remove the group from the list and assured that he had secured the financing for the operation.

The statutory auditor of the stock exchange would like to know whether this information was genuine and would have sent a formal request in the sense of the opening of an official investigation. The SEC also sent, according to the Wall Street Journal, requests to members of the Board of Directors of Tesla to find out to what extent they were aware of Mr Musk's plan.

Former employee complaint

To these SEC investigations was added Thursday the announcement of a complaint by a former employee of Tesla filed on August 9 with the authority of the law firm that represents him, Meissner Associates .

According to Karl Hansen, who worked in an internal security division until July, Tesla spied on salary wages by hacking their mobile phones and computers.

would also not report to the shareholders the $ 37 million theft of copper and other commodities in the first half of the Nevada group in the first half of the year and would not provide the authorities with information on the possible links between them . an employee with a Mexican cartel [1965] 9002] Contact by AFP, Tesla assures that the accusations of Mr. Hansen were taken very seriously when he brought them to the attention of the group. Some of his claims are simply untrue, according to Tesla. Others could not be substantiated and the group then proposed further investigation measures.

The law firm representing Mr. Hansen is also the representative of Martin Tripp, another former employee. from Tesla. The group filed a complaint against him in June and accused him of stealing confidential information.

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