Almost half of Belgian households are seeking a different country.

Almost half of Belgian households are looking for time away from smartphones

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Because connected devices are taking up more and more space in homes, almost half (45%) of households are looking for "digital downtime", according to a study by EY (Ernst & Young) conducted with 2,500 consumers.

Although 53% of respondents believe that the Internet is "an absolute necessity for their social life" and as much (47%) as a very important tool "in terms of working from home or running a business since more than three quarters (77%) of them also expresses concern about privacy.

Another finding is that half of all households spend more time on the internet than on television and nearly 70% of respondents say they spend more than 10 hours a week.

But more and more Belgian consumers are simultaneously worried about the impact of digital on their family life, according to the study, with 45% of households preferring a "detox cure" far from smartphones and connected devices. People who are looking for this "downtime" are mainly (48%) consumers aged 45 to 54 and over 65 years (47%).

The Belgian results in this respect contrast with those in France and the Netherlands, where it is more young people who want to spend time with their smartphones, concludes EY.

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