An Apple Autonomous car crashed during a test

The collision took place in August, according to a report from the California Department of Motor Vehicles. The American giant has never publicly communicated about this program.

This is a coup de com & # 39; that Apple would have done well. The self-driving car of an American giant was swept in California in August, according to a Friday accident report, confirming that the world's largest capitalization still works on vehicles without a driver.

The Californian giant has never publicly communicated about its autonomous car program. And he did well, even though he formalized various partnerships, such as those with Volkswagen. But the documents that were brought to justice after this accident show that the group has at least 5,000 employees on the project.

Accident on a fast track

On August 24, a tested Lexus RX 450h was shot at a slow speed by a 2016 Nissan Leaf on a fast-track near the Apple headquarters in Cupertino, according to the report on the California Department of Vehicles website. engine (DMV). The accident occurred in the middle of the afternoon.

Both vehicles were damaged, but according to the report no injuries were reported. The Californian regulations stipulate that a human driver must be present to take control of the autonomous vehicle in the event of an incident. An Apple spokesman confirmed the accident without further clarification, according to Reuters.

The apple company got a license to test in California last year and now has licenses to control more than 60 vehicles. The safety of autonomous cars has become a source of concern, as a vehicle tested by Uber Technologies killed a female passer-by in Arizona, causing the VTC giant to temporarily suspend its program in the United States and Canada. An activity that the group hopes to be able to resume towards the end of the year.

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