Brussels: Jourdan's renovation project irritates retailers

theThe delay in the workplace Jourdan disrupts the activities of traders. The construction site had to be completed by the end of June, but Beliris, the federal body responsible for the works, set the deadline until September-October.

A catastrophic summer

Traders have lost a lot of money this summer. Poule & Poulette opens only three days a week, while Pampas closes for lunch. Most traders have lost 60% of their customers. At Ellis Burger, sales were 50% lower than last year. "We had prepared a high budget at the end of the work, but ultimately we only used 46% of this budget"says the manager. The situation is more dramatic for self-employed people. "Beliris offers a compensation of 75 euros per day, if we close, in order to survive, I would need 15,000 euros per month, condemns Thierry Jeandrain, the boss of Prego. Anger shared by most traders who have forced them to stand up.

Michel Delhaes, chairman of the trade association of the town of Jourdan, accuses Beliris of not keeping his promises. "Everybody has to take responsibility Beliris tells us that the delay is due to a ban on the coordination of the yards that wants to finish the work at the Maelbeek-Sofitel intersection, but the committee denies this version"says the boss of the brewery Spirit of salt. A crossroads blocking access to cars and public transport, which was urgently needed to be unlocked before the start of the school year, justifies Beliris.

A misunderstanding

"It is a misunderstanding, the documents provided by the traders, concern another part of the crossing, located on a regional road, totally different from that of the place Jourdan, located in the common area", explains Marianne Hiernaux, spokesperson for Beliris. However, the agency recognizes that it has fallen behind and has not fulfilled its promises, but wants to meet its deadlines. The site manager of the project said that work is in progress. On Tuesday, the workers paved the side of the frituur Antoine, but they also worked on the fountain and the pits. "We can free the place at the end of September and the beginning of October"says the spokesperson. The final part of the project, it will not take place before the beginning of 2019.

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