Government debt can increase by 2 billion euros


The Belgian state's debt could increase by another € 2 billion if Eurostat, the European statistical office, enforces the recognition of Infrabel's debts, reports Echo and De Tijd Friday. Eurostat, the European Statistical Office, wonders why the debt of several billion Infrabel is not recorded with the debt of the state.

During their half-yearly visit, just before the summer, Eurostat representatives asked questions about it, according to one of our sources. "The risk is real to justify Infrabel's debt with government debt," confirms a source from the government. This would mean that the total debt would increase by more than 2 billion euros, or 0.5% of GDP.

However, the decision should fall in the coming weeks. In the government we already have the idea of ​​bad news. Indeed, the team of Charles Michel hopes to always bring the debt ratio below the threshold of 100% of gross domestic product (GDP) under this legislature.

Belgium's current debt is worth more than 450 billion euros, or 106.3% of GDP.

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