Has a store in Intermarché tried to ban summer holidays?

On Saturday, the national management of Intermarché decided to put an end to the experience of the director of his brand Villemagne-l & # 39; Argentière (Hérault), by saying that the referendum on summer vacations was offered to employees of the store no value. Temporary curtain, waiting for news from the protagonists, starting with the initiator of the referendum and the warning (s) of the launcher (s).

The story: in a letter dated July 31 – which has leaked on social networks in recent days – the director of this store has taken the lead in securing his summers. In essence: employees should not leave in July-August and leave their place for less-trained seasonal workers, so less efficient.

Heart. In this letter he writes in the introduction: "We need to know how to learn from our mistakes, and after having agreed to set up paid holidays in July and August, it's a mistake for me." The mood was thought with a touch of fair play: unanimity was set at 60% yes – not 50 or 51 – to start the (counter) revolution. Except that the exercise was not anonymous and that the abstentions were counted as "yes". "I want your involvement in this decision, which fits in with the only objective that brings us all together: to serve our customers who deserve our full salary." and: "Together we are strong … Only we are nothing …" – everything in capital letters with some spelling mistakes.

The case, which initially presented all the features of the beautiful hoax – the post frame, ending with one "I am for the suppression of holidays in July and August" with a yes and a surrounding as in a quiz – soon became one of the soap opera of the week. Intermarché was alpacled on all sides (especially on Twitter, as usual in times of controversy), while the director of the letter (whose photo began to circulate on social networks) defended his initiative on Facebook The laws of work kept him to heart, he could never consider a passage in power. Hence the idea of ​​the referendum. CheckNews service liberation, Emmanuel Mauger, a lawyer specializing in employment law, recalled that the trial had no legal value: "A consultation of employees, if this is laid down in the labor legislation, is to validate a design of a business agreement, which is not the case here, in which case the employer only tries his own decision on a pseudo-democratic consultation. to take. & # 39;

Moral. The national management of Intermarché responded this weekend to our colleagues from the Parisien, who had revealed the story: "Local points of sale are independent companies and it is not our responsibility to define their personnel policy, but in this case this referendum does not respect the regulation of the sector and is therefore void and the results are not taken into account." In Villemagne-l & # 39; Argentière, employees were already asked at the beginning of the year for the organization of departure on holiday. Essentially a reminder of the rules in this area. In conclusion, the management of the store had thrown out morale and looked like a verse: "I organize my private life according to my work and not the other way around."

Ramses Kefi

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