Holland & # 39; s WeTransfer buys the assets of FiftyThree

No convenient WeTransfer file sharing service to easily exchange documents from a few hundred MB (free up to 2 GB). It has just been strengthened with the paper and paste for creative tools from the publisher of Seattle FiftyThree.

WeTransfer was founded in Amsterdam in 2009 by web designer Nalden (born Ronald Hans) and Bas Beerens and now claims 42 million users / month. The file exchange platform is primarily intended for users in the field of graphic and artistic creation. To provide them with added value, WeTransfer launched the WePresent editorial platform (2 million readers / month). He has also created his own advertising platform (to broadcast especially varied and attractive backgrounds during downloads).

Today the company is experiencing another milestone in its development with the acquisition at FiftyThree Inc. (a Seattle-based publisher, founded in 2011 by Microsoft alumni including Georg Petschnigg, the current CEO and Andrew Allen) of its graphical apps for iOS mobile paper. (drawing) and Paste (presentation). This second tool that is also available in SaaS mode is very popular, especially Slack users. Paper is a well-known drawing aid on iPad and iPhone with approximately 25 million users.

WeTransfer is already based in Los Angeles and repairs tools, patents and especially strengthens his team internationally to become the Dropbox of creative. Georg Petschnigg and Andrew Allen will be responsible for the development of the WeTransfer range of creative tools.

Georg Petschnigg (pictured above) told Wired the logic of the approach to the Dutch company.

"[WeTransfer[WeTransfer[WeTransfer[WeTransfer]has developed an exceptional business model: they can offer a free service funded with advertisements and a subscription version. What is unique about their free version is that they offer the service with respect for the confidentiality of user profiles and data. At the same time we wanted to develop Paste's audience on PC and that is where WeTransfer is very strong with a much larger number of active users than we do. "

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