Infiniti offers its speedster thanks to Prototype 10

As spectacular to see if not easy to use, speedsters are not commonplace. Today the Japanese Infiniti offers a … the time of a concept without a future.

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Started ten years ago, Infiniti's presence in Europe is starting to look like a fiasco. Fortunately, the sale of the brand in the United States is much more glamorous. It is therefore North America that she has chosen to unveil her latest concept, and more specifically the Pebble Beach elegance competition. Baptized Prototype 10, it is a logical continuation of Prototype 9, a kind of old-time Grand Prix car that was unveiled at the same location last year. But the newcomer takes slightly less retro lines, even if the kind of speedster is not the most modern. We actually discover tapered headlights, facies devoid of a grid and carved body parts. With the confirmed desire to announce in watermark the style of the following models of the manufacturer.

An electric motor too discreet to be honest

On the other hand, the chances of finding such a serial speedster at Infiniti are almost nothing. Not content to abandon windscreens, as the genre wants, it also happens roof, doors or even tail lights. Taking a passenger on board is also prohibited, because this prototype 10 has a configuration with one seat, with a boss behind the single seat. As for the engine, as suggested by the lack of exhaust vents, it would be electric, but Infiniti does not give any details. The brand is limited to specify that all these new models will be electrified from 2021 … knowing that this term can be applied in vogue to versions that are simply provided with a light hybridization with an alternator starter.

Only the driver is accepted on this concept.
Only the driver is accepted on this concept.© Infiniti

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