Jumbo formalizes its first locations in Belgium

Jumbo has formalized the location of its first stores in our country. The brand has announced the news today. She is currently working on the creation of a "dedicated organization" for Jumbo Belgium to facilitate her establishment on the Belgian market.

Jumbo is accelerating in its project of joining the Belgian market. The Dutch supermarket chain announced today that the contracts for the first Belgian sites have been signed. The situation of these sites is kept secret for the time being. The company also gave the floor for the creation of a "dedicated organization" for Jumbo Belgium to facilitate its location on the Belgian market.

Everything indicates that the official arrival of Jumbo in the Belgian retail landscape will not take long. Last month, the channel had already announced that Peter would take over from 1 September 2018 as CEO of Jumbo Belgium. He will be in charge of establishing Jumbo's organization in our country. Last March, the Dutch supermarket chain also founded its Antwerp-based Jumbo Belgium SPRL and announced that it was looking for an experienced real estate buyer for the Belgian market. He will be in charge of the selection of new locations in Belgium. "A team will be formed (Contract Manager, Casco Manager and Store Portfolio Manager) and will focus on the expansion of the banner in Belgium, and you have the responsibility to find and purchase the most suitable locations. network and realize the expansion of commercial spaces, and at a later stage the emphasis will be on optimizing the existing commercial portfolio, "said the vacancy at that time.

According to Silvie Vanhout, managing partner of The Retail Academy (Gondola Group), the impact of Jumbo & # 39; s arrival on the Belgian retail landscape will depend on the locations that Jumbo Belgium chooses. "Jumbo's entry into the Belgian market will obviously be of great concern, but the impact will be more or less strong depending on the location." Albert Heijn's arrival pushed Colruyt to adjust its prices in 3 to 6 stores in the area. We have recently made it clear that it was ready for a possible price war, but the price war that has raged in the Netherlands has taught us that no one wins: if Jumbo wants to open franchise stores in Belgium, it will first have to convince entrepreneurs But experience shows us that it is far from simple, but one thing is certain: Jumbo's arrival will probably tell a lot about her. "

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