Kalashnikov fires all wood

The manufacturer of automatic rifles goes on an amazing diversification and even tries to compete with Tesla.

All this makes a smile, but you would not allow yourself to sketch the smallest movement, listening to an idea from the Kalashnikov boss. Do we ever know. Vladimir Dmitriev, the current boss of the Russian manufacturer of AK47 rifles, told a military forum near Moscow that his group will sell an electric motor of 150 kilometers of autonomy next year. "And believe me, this is not the only product that we are going to launch!".

In fact, the man presented a giant robot straight out of Star Wars, an anti-drone gun and even a retro prototype of an electric car. The CV 1 is his name, which furiously reminds of a Soviet model from the Brezhnev era (the combination IZH 2125 to be precise).

Tesla sauce Kalashnikov …

This new lithium-ion version could drive 150 kilometers with a load, with a top speed of 80 kilometers per hour. The price and the release date are not specified, but Kalashnikov understands it "Competing with global electric car manufacturers, such as Tesla."
The Dyson vacuum cleaner manufacturer has the same ambition …

In recent years, Kalashnikov, who sells rifles, but also boats or military drones, tries to turn to the civilian markets. A strategy with regard to the US embargo on Russian arms sales, through which he started to develop clothing lines and now focuses on motorcycles and regular cars. The 200-year anniversary was privatized last year, after a passage in the public herd between 2013 and 2017.

For fun, the killer Star Wars sauce

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