Opel GT X Experimental: a new style without revolution

Despite his absence at the next World Cup, Opel is using this end of the summer to unveil a new concept car called GT X Experimental. With one goal: to reveal the style of its future models, which do not intend to completely refrain from the current aesthetic austerity.

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The latest addition to the PSA Group, Opel has to find its place between two other "generalist" manufacturers, Peugeot and Citroën. While sharing as many components as possible with them, in order to achieve significant economies of scale. A dilemma that the brand wants to solve by adopting a style that is very different from that of French productions, as illustrated by the GT X Experimental concept. Here we do not find the sharp corners of the last Peugeot, nor the curves and the view on two floors of the Citroën. It is closer to the current Opel, with a certain sobriety, a rib on the hood and a light signature that is always wing-shaped. But it is good to announce the style of the following models, which in particular should opt for a similar facies, with a black band covering both the grille and the headlights.

The cabin is completely stripped.
The cabin is completely stripped.© Opel

Back in time, there are many similarities with the previous GT concept, presented in 2016. But the silhouette of the small coupé has made way for an SUV of 4.06 m, much trendyer and the turbo with three cylinders has been replaced by an electric motor, driven by a lithium-ion battery. Features near those of the future Corsa "trendy, which will be launched in 2020 and will resume the platform CMP future Peugeot 208 and DS 3 Crossback." More unusual for a style study, the wheels are here limited to 17 inches. the design team has added color accents to the tires.

No direct series in series

As far as the interior is concerned, it is maximally purified and offers access through antagonistic doors: nothing new for a concept, but these choices confirm that GT X Experimental is not a standard model, barely disguised. The aim here is to define the main lines of the future Opel, to finally turn the page of a long membership in the General Motors group, interrupted by countless financial losses. However, do not expect that this study will be discovered in the world, as the brand is one of the many absenteeists at this event.

As with the Meriva minibus, the rear doors are open against opening.
As with the Meriva minibus, the rear doors are open against opening.© Opel

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