Opel GT X Experimental: aboard the urban electric SUV!

Everything is in the name! X for SUV, Experimental for concept and GT to mark descent with the concept car Opel GT 2016. So theOpel GT X Experimental embodies a small SUV (4.06 m long, slightly more than a 5-door Corsa) in line with the Opel GT prototype.

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Opel GT Concept (2016) rear view in a factory
Opel GT Concept (2016)
Opel GT Concept (2016)

Beyond a reflection on an inevitable urban SUV (rival of Renault Captur, Peugeot 2008, and the future Volkswagen T-Cross), which could take place in the range under the Mokka X, the GT X Experimental indicates the new aesthetic and technological direction of Opel.

Note, access to the lap of PSA is not synonymous with Opel, a revolution that would make a clean overview of the past. No, the new image of the German brand is based on its heritage and evolves in phases. The change in continuity, in short.

Vizor, the new face of Opel

Opel GT X Experimental concept-car electric SUV front view in studio
The Opel GT X Experimental is the first vehicle of the brand that wears the calender mask "Vizor".

The Opel GT X Experimental is the first vehicle with the Vizor, this new aesthetic theme that will adorn all calendars of the future models of the brand. This is a black banner that refers to that of theOpel Manta A from the 1970s.

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This dark surface brings contrast and emphasizes the wing-shaped LED optics. It can be completely closed, which is ideal for electric models, such as the GT X Experimental concept vehicle that announces the electrification of the range by 2024 or, on the contrary, is open to comply with the engine cooling of the thermal models.

"The Vizor grid can be full or open for electrical and thermal models."

In all cases this zone contains all technologies (radar, lidar …) that are required for the autonomous driving. The GT X Experimental concept car is level 3.

A sober style

Opel GT X Experimental concept-car electric SUV rear view
Ruled, the Opel GT X Experimental is an SUV that hides its game and its format. This is not a coupe and it is very short (4.06 m).

Apart from this brand new muzzle, the Opel GT X Experimental is in line with the 2016 Opel GT concept car with its smooth lines, subtle curves and multicolored body. He retains the principle of the livery (light / dark) and replaces the red of the GT with yellow.

Opel GT X Experimental concept car SUV with electric profile, open doors in studio
The Opel GT X Experimental announces a future small SUV in the Opel range.

The flanks are both dynamic, with musculature all curves, but also very pure. There are no door handles or mirrors to "break" the lines.

The opening is controlled by a smartphone and the back-vision is provided by small cameras that are extracted from the front mudguards. The long wheelbase, the ultrashort overhangs, the yellow line that visually lowers the height of the roof and the edges (which appear to be 20 inches but which actually have a diameter of 17, because they bite on the tires), disturbs the perception .

Without a visual cue next to the car, we imagine this concept car much more imposing than it really is.

At the back, the bent stern holds a surprise. There is no conventional hatchback but the rear window goes down to gain access to the trunk. A gimmick that calls the access to the trunk of the Opel GT from 1968 from the inside.

Large openings

The doors are wide open and the accessibility of the four seats is optimal.
The doors are wide open and the accessibility of the four seats is optimal.

The relationship between the 2016 Opel GT Concept and the Opel GT X Experimental from 2018 is clearly visible in the front doors, the cutting of which is very ergonomic. When opening in the wing, the opening optimizes the accessibility. This search for inner well-being continues with the shape of the door, which is intended as an extension of the chair. The panel is not "contaminated" by the handles or the speakers (they are housed in the headrests where they have the shape of a beam of its nomad).

At the rear, the doors optimize with an opening antagonist whose cut coincides with that of the shield, again the accessibility. The front and rear doors each turn 90 degrees.

It is a classic on a concept car, the cockpit is organized around four independent seats. In addition, the glass roof and the windshield are one, just as suggested by theOpel Astra GTC in 2006.

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A digital and clear interface

Opel GT X Experimental concept car SUV electric dashboard image
The dashboard of the Opel GT X Experimental concept car is based on a large digital screen.

For the driver, the Opel Pure Panel, this 100% digital instrumentation block is projected onto a large concave screen. It is not tactile, a command on the central console gives access to the different menus. There is even the possibility to make selfies with selfies via the camera that – more seriously – measures the vigilance of the driver.

Opel GT X Experimental SUV concept car with electric sight on a 17-inch rims
The 17-inch wheels bite on the tires in 235/60 / R17. This makes it possible to combine comfort and appearance.

The steering wheel is also very simple in its lines. Clean, the hub has a digital Opel logo that stays horizontal regardless of the steering angle. This technology is also applied to the logos in the wheel hubs. So, like a Rolls-Royce with weighted hubs, the Opel GT X Experimental maintains its correct "Blitz" while driving.

The Opel GT X Experimental is the next logical step after the Opel GT concept. His visual identity has improved while he is consistent at the end while the cabin is maturing. Two changes that will appear in the line-up of the next generation Opel Corsa in 2019. It will share its technical CMP platform with the new Peugeot 208 and the DS3 Crossback SUV

illustration Didier Ric future DS3 Crossback 2019 red front view
Future Peugeot 208 "2" (2019)
Future DS3 Crossback (2019)

The Opel GT X Experimental will be unveiled on the sidelines of the Paris Motor Show in 2018, because the brand did not want to participate in the Paris show in October.

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