Publifin: the HRC of Liège "protests" against the appointments within Publipart

thee CDH Liège "

Against the appointments of Dominique Drion, who left the party in December 2017, and André Gilles, dismissed at the PS in April of the same year, in the board of Publipart, a subsidiary of Publifin.

The director representing the HRC on the board of directors of Nethys – Marc Tinant – wanted to implement the measures of good governance to avoid these appointments, without being followed by a majority of the board.

"The HRC says the decision was taken by the only Stéphane Moreau.

HRC directors were not contacted about these agreements and did not guarantee them

"Says the party again.

Release Moreau from all his responsibilities

According to the latter, for fear of this type of appointment, Marc Tinant had requested the withdrawal of the prerogatives of Stéphane Moreau during the board of directors of Nethys on 18 September. It was supported by the liberal representatives on the board, but the majority confirmed the current track of appointments in the subsidiaries, through a nomination committee before ratification by the board of directors. A "harsh" procedure contested by the Liege humanists.

In the next Board of Directors they will again ask that Stéphane Moreau be relieved of all his responsibilities.

With the voice of its district of Liège, the HRC wishes to confirm once again that the most important leaders of Nethys have to be fired. He hopes that the majority in the province (PS and MR) will join the gesture
"Finish the party.

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