Taxify gets on his bike to surpass Uber in Africa – Economy

In the race to become the number one VTC app in Africa, Uber stays behind on a rival that is much smaller than him.

In just five years, Taxify has grown from a small company in Estonia to a so-called unicorn, based in Europe and Africa. The company, founded in 2013 by Markus Villig at the age of 19, claims 2.4 million active users in six African countries: Uganda, South Africa, Nigeria, Tanzania, Kenya and Ghana. Taxify considers an active user to be a user who ordered a race the previous month. Uber, also present in these markets, has 1.3 million active users according to the same definition. It covers Egypt and Morocco elsewhere.

Taxify, new unicorn. Markus Villig, now 24, plans to be "several hundred million & # 39; dollars to invest in Taxify's growth on the continent for the next two years. The company earned its "unicorn" status in May after a $ 175 million fund raising by Daimler, worth $ 1 billion. Uber does not provide figures on his investment programs in Africa,

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