The government deficit is close to 2.6% of GDP this year

The rebound in the government deficit, announced by Prime Minister Philippe Philippe, mainly as a result of a forecast of lower growth, could result in a level of almost 2.6% of GDP in 2018, a stability compared to 2017, writes on Sunday the everyday The echo & # 39; s.

Although the government planned to reduce the general government deficit to 2.3% of gross domestic product (GDP) this year, the newspaper reports in the wake of Edouard Philippe's budget announcements that, according to its information, it would prefer " to achieve a level of close to 2.6% of GDP by 2018, "the same level as in 2017.

"For the next year, the deficit should be between 2.6% and 3%, of which 0.9% would be due to the costly transformation next year of the CICE sustainable down charge, while the forecast 2, 3% in July ", continue The echo & # 39; s.

For their part, the IMF, the European Commission and the OECD expected a deficit between 2.3 and 2.4% of gross domestic product and a deficit of 2019 between 2.5 and 2.8% of GDP at the end of December 2018. GDP.

In addition, the daily bills for savings of up to 0.3% of the old-age pension, PLA and family allowances are estimated at EUR 3 billion and it is estimated that the number of jobs supported in the 2019 budget can increase from 200,000 to 100,000, which billion euros.

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