The government wants to increase the minimum unemployment benefits and at the same time increase their degressivity – Belgium

Before the holiday, the government plans to accelerate the degressivity of unemployment benefits by increasing them in the first grant period. The measure is part of the "employment contract", which is intended to address the problem of jobs with a supply shortage.

Other facilities are planned, including the freezing of the degressivity if the jobseeker actually follows a course that leads to a shortage of trade. This accelerated degressivity means that the unemployed person is quicker in the third unemployment period if he is only affected by a lump sum whose amount varies according to his family status.

The trade unions have strongly condemned this measure because according to them they have plunged people into poverty more quickly. For an isolated person, the monthly amount of the third-period package amounts to 1,031 euros per month, which is lower than the poverty line. "It is very low and we are aware of it," Ducarme said. "That is why the government will make the proposal to the social partners to revaluate the lowest unemployment benefits."

The FGTB doubts the sincerity of the government. She refers to the October statements by Zuhal Demir, State Secretary for Combating Poverty, who had expressed her skepticism about the possibility of raising social minima to the level of the European poverty line. The union questions the merits of this degressivity. "No serious study shows that when we reduce the benefits, we suddenly become more available, and I will explain how the Carrefour narrator, who will lose his job within a few weeks, will become a computer engineer or nurse because it will be faster. will be in the third period ", confirmed the president of the FGTB, Robert Vertenueil.

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