Their taxi Uber falls into the sea and misses small walnut

Two passengers using an Uber driver nearly lost their lives after the vehicle fell off a pier in Cannes

The businessman Nick Christoforou, 31, and his colleague Sophia Toon, 23, had to swim to save their lives after their taxi fell into the sea The driver lost control of the vehicle that fell from a jetty.

Passenger told tabloid The Sun "I managed to open the door and reach the surface to find the others If I had not been healthy, we would probably all be dead." [19659003] This broker in North London was on a business trip to southern France when he was booked. shuttle via the Uber app. He and his colleague were cared for on board a Citroën DS5 around 1:30 AM. "Suddenly we felt like we were falling and 5 seconds later the car filled with water" he testified. The car sank 3 meters deep in the marina Pierre Canto in Cannes.

Photo credit: David Dyson – The Sun

Nick Christoforou swam to the nearest boat to put his car colleague and the driver out of danger. He had a breathalyzer test that showed that he was pretty sober.

No arrests have been made, but the driver may no longer offer his services on the Uber application. The application still billed the race (£ 18, or twenty euros), but Uber immediately repaid Nick by also offering a £ 800 compensation (about 892 euros), which he refused. The company advised him to file a claim with the driver's insurance company. A Uber spokesperson said that they had made contact with the two passengers to make sure they were doing well and to give them advice while awaiting the outcome of their claim.

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