This slum of 12m² is for sale for 205,000 euros in Paris: an exorbitant price (PHOTO & # 39; S)


His condition is terrible and yet two buyers have submitted an offer to the broker.

"Those who find the condition of the apartment regrettable pass by", launched the real estate agent in Le Figaro.

This "apartment" of 12.35 m² is located in the 9th arrondissement of Paris, between the streets of Montholon and Maubeuge, "in the hearts of the authentic neighborhoods of Paris", can read in the advertisement published in the Boncoin.

In this district, the minimum price of m² rarely exceeds 12,000 euros. And yet with the announcement the indicated price of m² is more than 17,000 euros. An impressive price that is not shocking for the broker responsible for the transaction.

How to explain a difference?

The aforesaid 12.35 m² correspond to the surface law of Carrez. The law of Carrez makes it possible to calculate the habitable surface of a house. The floor area is now 38.02 m².

Because the apartment is located on the fifth and last floor of the building, the ceiling is very low. However, Carrez's law does not take into account parts of which the height of the ceiling is less than 1.80 m.

Everything has to be done again

"Three service areas together to completely renovate": this is what is noted in the announcement and illustrated by the published photo" s According to experts interviewed by Le Figaro, the future owners can offer about thirty thousand euros worth of work.

The broker does not hide it: "Too high a price per square meter is not shocking for an apartment in a very bad condition if it is at a prestigious address or if it benefits from a large terrace with a panoramic view over Paris."Concerning" the huge terrace with a panoramic view ", remains to be seen …

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