Using the & snooze & # 39; button on your alarm clock would be a very bad idea!

Recall on "snooze" button to sleep a few minutes more in the morning is an option that you & # 39; In the morning you can choose a lot. But according to a study by Brigham and Women & # 39; s Hospital, it would be very bad for health.

A new feeling of waking up after a good night's sleep is something we all dream of " told sleep expert Neil Robinson to The Independent. " Yet we make common mistakes that prevent us from getting higher to have quality rest, which makes us more likely to wake up and feel unrepentant

The use of the snooze button would cause confusion between the signals sent by the body and the brain, which would cause a sluggishness of sleep, a feeling that makes us a little dizzy on awakening.

Groggy all day

While we doze for a few minutes, we prepare our body for a new sleep cycle that is then quickly interrupted, creating a feeling of fatigue that lasts all day .

Sleep inertia can take two to four hours if you wake up soon after falling asleep or during a deep sleep phase.

A few minutes of sleep to get fit, would be worse than wake up immediately …

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