04:11 – Almost 2,000 people at the Nandrin Festival for the opening day

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NANDRIN (Belgium)

Almost 2000 people visited the Friday opening day of Nandrin Fetsival, according to the organizers. Three music styles are on the menu: new golf to start, a more family-friendly program on Saturday and a Sunday pop-rock trend. Tickets are still available for the event that is held until Sunday. It is Suffocating Minds that opened hostilities. The Liège shot at the end of the afternoon with titles that are known in their repertoire as "Second Life", "I do not care" or "Should I look above". The artists followed each other on stage, including the poster of Front 242, which attracted a large audience. The band was sold out in the United States and this year only performed in Belgium at the Nandrin festival. Friday, the opening day of the festival, the trend was strongly marked by a new wave-musical style with Dole, We are Waves or From Kissing. The audience, composed of many connoisseurs, has been particularly interested in singers and musicians. The atmosphere was on the rendezvous. (Belga)

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