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RTL.be – Friday, August 24, 2018

It has become a must at the end of the holiday: Les Solidarités take place on 24, 25 and 26 August at the Citadel of Namur. 50,000 people are expected, an atmosphere and a mainly family audience. The special feature of this festival is to offer a poster for all the public for a very low price: 34 € per day, the weekend pass is 45 € and for children under 12 it is completely free.

A festival appreciated by artists

Les Solidarités has expanded enormously in 6 years. From the 4 hectares of the beginning, today we arrive at a four times larger location, the equivalent of 22 football fields. 1,200 employees and volunteers have been mobilized. On the festival poster: Julien Clercq, Hyphen Hyphen, Eddy Pretto Raphael, Typh Barrow, Lou, Therapy Taxi … The artists also appreciate the festival. "They want to come through the concept itself of the event, it changes the traditional festivals, secondly they know they are welcomed by the organizers, we do everything we can to emphasize them, but also by the public. at Les Solidarités, I realized, I have been programming for a long time, it is that the audience is very attentive to the artists and that it is something that & # 39; they meet not everywhere, or the artist is also discovered, or the artist headliner & # 39;stated Denis Girardy, programmer for Solidarity.

A total of 200 artists (singers, musicians, dancers, graffiti artists, dj & # 39; s …) vibrate the esplanade of the Citadel by means of 50 concerts spread over 5 stages.

The surprise of Gad Elmaleh

And a little more, Gad Elmaleh will come out Sunday sequences of the series that he is preparing for Netflix. The actor was looking for a festival location, he chose a part of the Namur recordings. "Gad Elmaleh will give us the pleasure to come and shoot for Netflix for 1/4 hour." He was looking for a big scene at the end of August and the producer asked us if we, between Juliette Armanet and Julien Clerc, would accept for 1 / 4 hours of filming in which Gad Elmaleh will be the protagonist, it is really a first and I would say that it might be a first for all Walloon festivals, I have never heard of such an event in a festival ", rejoiced over the programmer.

The Solidarities are also about fifty associations and NGOs spread over 4000m² stands.

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