An emergency actress shot by the police at her home

Usually known for embodying nurse Wendy Goldman from 1994 to 1997 in the medical series emergencies Vanessa Marquez died on 30 August 2018. She was 49 years old.

According to press reports from sheriff Joe Mendoza, the police went to the actress's house on Thursday morning after receiving a call from the owner of her home, who worried about her. Visibly disturbed, the actress first agreed to talk to the officers and a psychologist before 1:30 am before she became uncontrollable. She would have threatened the police with an air gun. Under the assumption that it was a semi-automatic weapon, they responded by shooting him into the chest. She died in the hospital a few minutes later. "I am very sad about this whole story. It seems a terrible, terrible misunderstanding " said one of his neighbors. TMZ reveals that the actress suffered from severe mental and nutritional disorders.

Vanessa Marquez had the headlines last year, at the time of the Weinstein affair, in which George Clooney was accused of having put her on the black list of Hollywood after she and several female members ofER denounced prevailing sexism and racism on the set. Costs that the star had refuted.

Camille Sanson

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