An important statue of the graveyard of Laeken that was destroyed with a windmill

They did a very professional job with a mill … And they will certainly sell them
Says Verhofstadt, interviewed by the RTBF The secretary of the NPO Epitaaf returns, for the media of the public service, about the recent flight of two heads – and an arm – of this statue made in 1831 by P. Parmentier.

The crime would have occurred during the weekend of 18 and 19 August. The villains invaded the basement of the Laeken cemetery before they destroyed this work of art "
weighs 400 kilos
And who sat down on a tomb. "
Lady Fortuna with child
"Undoubtedly has a strong"
heritage and artistic value
", He admits to the RTBF.

Thieves can hope to sell the coins separately. But the City of Brussels does not intend to remain unanswered: a complaint will be submitted and video surveillance images will be carefully studied, informs the RTBF. Nevertheless, the perpetrators seem to be well informed about recent developments, since extra cameras would be installed next month.

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