BSF: Orelsan against wind and tides

On Thursday evening the program of BSF establishes a tourist circuit that is cited around three postcards of the capital. Starting with the beautiful Museumplein where it occurs Juniore . With his surf-pop-yéyé, smart Gothic and unconventional, the Parisian band dresses subtly. With her foot in the plaster and sticks at her fingertips, the thresher puts the pace on riffs given by a guitarist with an iron mask. The charm of this strange thing is also the voice of the singer Anna-Jean. Brought to life by this French song with vintage flavors, we cross the gardens of the Mont des Arts for a journey with Carpenter Brut . New phenomenon of the hexagonal electro scene, the trio explores the dance floor with a collection of synthetic sounds stolen from the TV series of the eighties or the cast of the best horror films. On the stage the group tumbles with the chest full of flamboyant shots and a few protruding parts. Drums, keyboards and synths pay a trip here to Stranger Things . With multiple references to the golden age of glamme metal, giallos in abundance ( The Black Belly Tarantula ) and abundance of fantastic nanars ( The Exterminators of the year 3000 ]) or bloody to the death The Dead Pit Murter Rock sets the stage for dark, sexy and retro futuristic music, while enjoying Friday 13, under the full moon, between the records of Daft Punk and Kavinsky. Good delirium

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<p>  For a headlining as <strong> Orelsan </strong> is the Palace Square a chic but damn good place. This is a one-way course. A strategic approach: here we have to position ourselves, avoid the passage – fatal – to the toilets and the stop – obligatory – at the bar. In short, it is advisable to prepare the ground, otherwise we will cross the crowd in an opposite sense such as a salmon bravely floating on its river. At 10.30 pm the audience became impatient: "<em> Aurélien, a song! Aurélien, a song </em> "Expected at the turn, the French respond present in two winning shots." San "and the steamroller <em> Base </em> cardboard from the beginning Orelsan has everything. He is kind enough to save his cartridges before the end of the festivities. The man pulls from the beginning of the big caliber. And then, unlike most rappers of his generation, Orelsan does not limit his concert to a microphone and a USB key. there is a real bond at the service of composites, and whatever it costs, it will always be better. Visually, the audience has something to eat and Orelsan does the work, using the words with style and rising punch lines profiled to hit the brain from 7 to 77. Because it is ultimately an advantage of Orelsan, it is like a good animated film: a Pixar that the children can pack and touch the older ones. </p>
<p>  The evening concert is run in, the mechanics perfectly oiled: no dead time, no hole in the Normand show. Everything is rolling. It is almost a chain track, an immaterial limit. Fortunately for Brussels the storm is coming to the party – that is not over yet. The elements are unchained, the sky pours water on the Palace Square. A few meters away, the Brussels tunnels are already deep. Under the tropical drache, Orelsan rubs the shirt, solidarity with his audience, soaked to the bone. The bad weather forces the rapper out of the frame of a show too square. Wet hair and pierced t-shirt, Orelsan loose and lift <em> Basic </em> to give this fiesta a bit of water. To keep up, he had to use La Pluie </em> <em>  again. But we will not blame him. That's how it was very good. </p>
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