Chinese star Fan Bingbing disappeared from the radar

If you are a star on the big screen, giving three months without signs of life, especially on social networks, it is worried. That is why the wildest and most disturbing rumors about the Chinese film star Fan Bingbing circulate. It is mainly on Weibo, the most important Chinese social network, where the actress has 62 million followers who mark her absence the most. The woman who played in the X-Men saga was suspected by the regime of tax evasion and was reportedly held in pre-trial detention, in prison or under house arrest.

According to the official press, Fan Bingbing 37 would be over, "suspected of being involved in illegal loans and other forms of corruption"In China, the relationship between power and the film industry, which nourishes money trends, is often difficult and ambiguous." Authorities use the media power of show business to give a more Western image to the world. but internally the life of these stars that brewing a lot of money and living in luxury does not live up to everyone's taste. "Fan Bingbing was ranked in 2007 by Forbes, the best-paid Chinese celebrity, with a turnover of 300 million yuan (38 million euro).

For those who were, the muse of L & # 39; Oreal for Asia and a member of the jury at the Cannes Film Festival should be remembered, problems started when a former presenter of Chinese public television published, which he presented as a contract of the actress. An astonishing contract that reveals an alleged double contract system designed to escape the Chinese tax authorities. She is currently on the shelf of Chinese screens. She loses all her contracts there and her name has already been removed from a movie poster, which may not be released in China, where she answers Bruce Willis.

Undoubtedly this is only a start, because the agent of Fan Bingbing, a Taiwanese, was arrested at the end of July. The newspaper "Le Monde" quotes a source that is worried, "In the beginning it was feared that the officer would be sentenced to twenty years in prison, but it was thought that she herself would be banned from the screen. But that could go further".

Photo credit: Gabriel Angel Gonzalez Cerda

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