CINEMA – Monument Valley: the poetic reflection game soon adapted to film

Monument Valley, these are two signed games ustwo and available on mobile devices. The principle is simple, we have to go forward Ida in labyrinthine levels, very inspired by the lithographs by Maurits Cornelis Escher. Both games have been very successful with 160 million downloads, and this poetic universe will be adapted to the cinema !

Monument Valley 14 05 2018

As reported term, Paramount Pictures and Weed Road Pictures have come together to produce a film mix live action and computer images, with the aim to make a family franchise. The first part will be directed by Patrick Osbourne, known for The party, oscar of the best animated short film in 2015 and earlier broadcast New heroes in the cinema. Patrick Osbourne was also noticed thanks Paperman, in black and white and especially poetic, and he was an animator Ralph & # 39; s worlds, Rapunzel or again Volt, star in spite of itself. Of course, he is very honored to work on the film Monument Valley :

Monument Valley is a unique experience, both small in its simple and meditative gameplay, and vast in its sense of history. I have the privilege to preserve the reins of Ida's mysterious empire, to play in her world of impossible architectures where things look different is essential. I am excited to bring this unique world to the cinema with the talented storytellers from Paramount and Weed Road.

For the time being no release date in theaters has been announced concerning this adjustment of Monument Valley in the cinema.

TEST – Monument Valley: when a puzzle rhymes with poetry

TEST – Monument Valley II: still monumental

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