Clémentine from "Koh-Lanta" is counting on you to pay her anywhere in the world

Clementine of Koh-Lanta – Capture Instagram

You dreamed of losing Clementine when she was Koh-Lanta in ? You can help him from far, far away. But for that it will be necessary to hang the hand on the wallet. Truce joke, the young adventurer decided to go on a world tour with her family and launched one
online kitty to increase the required budget.

At the age of 26, Clementine decided to spend a year with her brother and two friends. To do this, she has to raise 10,000 euros on top of the money that the group managed to collect. "We are looking for sponsors," says the title of the pot. Because the goal of the group is not only to travel. "The goal will indeed be to reach a maximum of challenges all over the world." Sporting challenges in the first place, such as realizing a path on the Chinese wall, or climbing a top of at least 6000 m in South America, humanitarian challenges, gathering and distributing sports or school materials for underprivileged children, then "green" challenges, such as cleaning beaches or not using packaging in certain periods, and finally "crazy" challenges such as eating a hot pepper or jumping naked in the snow. "

Already collected 3855 euros

Interest for donors? Partly able to guide the group and follow their adventures, and of course it connects many admirers of the adventurer, since the pot is already filled with 3,855 euros. Like what, we do not hate her so much, Clementine.

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