EXCLUSIVE. What Booba and Kaaris told the police

August 25, 2018

Rappers Booba and Kaaris, who had been in custody since their fight at Orly airport in early August, were released Thursday and will remain under judicial supervision until their trial is scheduled for 6 September. Their battle had caused delays on some flights and resulted in various complaints, including those from Air France. Filmed by witnesses, the fight was about the social networks and caused minor injuries on both sides and damage to stores at the airport. For the researchers, the two rappers returned the responsibility of the fight, as revealed the JDD.

The version of Booba

On August 1, shortly before 3:00 PM, Elie Yaffa, alias Booba, 41, prepares for Barcelona. Go to the nightclub Pacha for a showcase. With a DJ, a singer, his manager, a friend and three men guaranteeing his safety, the father of two children aged 3 and 4 arrives in Hall 1, door 10 of the airport Orly (Val-de-France). Marne). "In the distance I saw a group, I recognized Kaaris," detailed Booba vision researchers, arguing that he was previously unaware of Kaaris' presence. A video, revealed by BFMTV, shows it a few moments earlier; he predicts that this will "end in custody".

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The brothers who are enemies of French rap watch: "Kaaris saw me, he stood, he stared at me, a bit provocative." This simple look, Booba, called it "provocation because there were threats and intimidations between us". "Given the context and our history, I would not have disappeared instead." The self-proclaimed "Duke of Boulogne" refers to the litany of clashes, until now only verbally, between the two artists. "It started with pike, I'm the one that started Kaaris, he had words on the radio that I did not appreciate, there were video's where he threatened me, he said he would drink my blood and break my bones . "


With a bottle you can take my life, it started with weapons


Indeed, Booba allowed Kaaris to break through in 2012 and invite it to participate Kalash, an album title future. The career of the protégé explodes, the mentor asks him to take his share in the dispute with another rapper, Rohff. It is the beginning of long years of enmity, recorded and staged on social networks, where the two men never cross each other … Until this afternoon in early August.
During his auditions, Booba does not recognize the damage – the duty-free shop demands compensation of 42,000 euros – nor the facts of heavy violence. He advocates self-defense. Except for one occasion, he finally gave in to the urgent questions from the police. He assumes that he hit one of Kaaris' relatives with a bottle of Allure Homme Sport perfume. Bottle that is full of blood.

The rest of the time, the duke of Boulogne succeeds to defend himself against the many projectiles that the group, led by Kaaris, directs in his direction: "Sweets, bottles, perfume." He does not hesitate to force the sentence: "With a bottle you can take my life, it started with living weapons." Or again: "I did not want to stay on the ground." In both bands there were no serious injuries (no more than seven days of temporary incapacity for work). During his first interrogation, in custody and in the presence of his historical lawyer, Yann Le Bras, the rapper had regretted: "If I had known, we would have been informed that we would not be on the same flight."

The Kaaris version

When Booba and his retinue arrive at Orly's boarding hall, Kaaris has already been arranged, with five friends, including a DJ and an organizer. The group is waiting for the same plane at Barcelona, ​​where they have to perform in another club, the Shôko. For the police, the 38-year-old rapper, whose real name is Okou Gnakouri, father of a 2-year-old girl, tells the spark that caused the quarrel. Booba "lets his bag come to me on the ground," he says. And he added: "He and his friends went to us and said:" Get up, we're going to fuck your wife like in the song. "


We see that I do not wear the first photo and that it is worn by Booba


In this provocative title Booba had thought of a sexual relationship with the wife of his rival. Then, according to the statements of the singer of Sevran (Seine-Saint-Denis), a relative of his former mentor would have said: "Stand up slutty." This sentence is finished convincing him to move. Once he got up, he continued, "they came across a few": "The first shot is a kick from Booba but he missed me." Faced with the attack, Kaaris "liberated" to the duty-free shop where the bottles and various objects fly. "I have received objects, but I do not know what."

The rapper does not recognize any aggravated violence or damage. Like his opponent, he argues for self-defense: "We see that I can not bear the first battle and it is Booba who wears it." Referring to the clashes between them, Kaaris describes himself as the man who ultimately responds to the insults: "Booba looks like he is at war with the world, he would break careers. […] He does this to preserve the monopoly and he is obsessed with me. He broke my momentum but he did not let me down. & # 39;

The singer goes back to the origin of their dispute: "He asked me to make a video in which I had to insult the mother of La Fouine, who died, and also that I had insulted Rohff." I refused because I did not attack people. to who have done nothing with me. […] From then on he started to bother me. "Kaaris, who says he is" tired, mocked, dirty, humiliated, exhausted ", says about the video in which he says he wants to drink blood from his rival:" I am an actor and I did too much, I said things which I did not think. "Like his rival, if he had known that Booba had booked the same flight, Kaaris would have" changed plane ".

The verdict of the video

In the report of their research, the researchers are formal: it seems that "the fight is the initiative of the Booba group that submerged the Kaaris group". "The whole of the words of my client is confirmed by the video, which is not the case for the other party", is abundantly present Yassine Yakouti, one of the two lawyers of Kaaris.

Among the evidence against Booba, the video surveillance footage of the Hall 1 boarding lounge (revealed by The Parisian), where there were about 400 passengers that day. These images first show Kaaris, in gray T-shirt, which draws signatures and lends itself to selfies with fans. Then he sits down and gets up very quickly, looking at the security gates. At 14:56 Booba appears and throws his black bag on the floor. As in a western where the heroes are preparing to not heal, Kaaris, followed by his group, heads towards Booba who is on his way to Kaaris. But as soon as the two men meet, the old protege begins to retreat and out of the field of the camera. Booba and a relative "rush" on Kaaris, according to the police. We see the Duke of Boulogne kick a staircase towards Kaaris.

While the latter was entrenched in the shop nearby, "Booba" continues to move forward with great strides. "There is a general fight, where it is difficult to determine who is who and the role of each, because the disorder is generalized Here is the only point of agreement between the rival camps: seven flights were delayed on 1 August, but no one outside the two groups was injured. "All this could have been more serious," says the lawyer of the other Kaaris Council, David-Olivier Kaminski, "The fight has been limited."

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