Fox News reporter attacks Denmark: the answer of this politician is legendary (video)

U a journalist for Fox News, the famous American television channel, attacks socialism in Denmark. "
Something bad is happening in Denmark, "she says The presenter says Denmark" like Venezuela has deprived people of their chance

What Dan Jorgensen, of the Danish Social Democratic party, does not like, who responds to him in front of the camera. "
Fox presenter Trish Regan made a story in which she compared Denmark with Venezuela. But let's clarify a few details
", He begins.

Trish, you are wrong. You can not compare Denmark with Venezuela. We have a welfare state in our country. It means that our society offers opportunities to people. It does not deprive people of opportunities in their lives
", explains the politician

The video is cut by the interventions of Fox News presenter."
And nobody wants to work. This is a real problem
She says.

"That is not true," continued Dan Jorgensen. "
According to the OECD, Denmark is 11 times higher in the ranking than unemployment in the US. The difference, of course, is that people in Denmark receive a decent wage .

After unemployment, place to teach. "
The school is free. the university is free. It's cute
The presenter ironically. "
But you see, not only is the school free, but in reality it pays you. Not bad, is it?

In fact, this is the case. It is not bad. This means that it is not the size of your parents' bank account that determines whether or not you are following a training course. It is your hard work, it is your talent, it is your motivation
", the politician answers.

The journalist then explains:"
Do you know what's going on? Nobody graduated, they just stay at school

Dan Jorgensen blows and replies: "
Of course there are people who graduate. According to the World Economic Forum, we were sixth on the list of the best-educated population. A bit better than the United States. Sorry . "

Today, all school leavers in Denmark want to open up cupcake coffees
Trish Regan mocks

Dan Jorgensen would have hoped that this fake new was correct
I love cupcakes
", he joked

This can be true, because according to the Forbes list of countries with the best opportunities for companies, Denmark is much better than the United States. So, Trish, just about everything you said is wrong and as your beloved president would say, you're a fake news
Concludes the Danish politician

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