France: Justice orders the release of rappers Booba and Kaaris – Europe

The two rappers, to be tried on September 6, especially for heavy violence, may not leave the French territory, each hand must pay a deposit of 30,000 euros and have no contact with each other.

Booba and Kaaris and their respective security forces clashed violently in a lobby at Orly airport near Paris on August 1, causing delays in the flight and led to various complaints, including those from Air France.

Filmed by witnesses, the fight was about the social networks and caused minor injuries on both sides and damage to stores at the airport.

Booba, a 41-year-old French rapper, left the Fleury-Mérogis prison in the early evening on Thursday, while 38-year-old Kaaris was released from her cell in Fresnes, another prison in the Paris region. Earlier in the afternoon AFP learned from their lawyers.

Booba is "relieved", said his lawyer Yann le Bras.

The rapper, called the "Duke of Boulogne", the city near Paris where he came from, promised "impeccable behavior" and "will not make any speech during the trial", the lawyer assured: "It is now time to return to serenity and this issue comes from a little bit of media.

The lawyer of Kaaris, Yassine Yakouti, praised "the application of the law". "Today it is important that Kaaris and his friends can join their families and prepare the test quietly".

The court of appeal in Paris has also ordered the release and judicial release of their eight family members who are being prosecuted for their participation in the fight.

The two rappers must be tried for serious violence and theft in a meeting with destruction at a place of access to public transport, facts that are punishable up to ten years imprisonment.


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