Frederic Lopez stops Rendezvous in unknown land: who is Raphael de Casabianca, his successor?

The news fell this weekend, to everyone's surprise. After almost 14 years of broadcasting Frédéric Lopez left the show "Rendez-vous en terre inconnue". He leaves his place at Raphael de Casabianca.

Change of face at the head of the show « I see you in unknown territory ". Frédéric Lopez announced this Saturday 8 September Parisian He will not leave the end of the world for the needs of the French program 2 : " It is as if I had accepted for fifteen years that the moments in my life were the most disturbing. In the course of time it became increasingly painful He explained it as a statement. His last shoot was in July, in Colombia, next to Thomas Pesquet.

But the show will not end so far. Soon viewers can discover a new animator, Raphael de Casabianca, who already has the confidence of his predecessor: "We both ate at home, I saw that he was not cheating. I introduced him to my team and he seemed legitimate for everyone."It has to be said that the last one at France Televisions is far from unknown: since 2013 he was the head of the show"Beautiful escapades On France 5, and also had a column in "The Daily"He also presented the latest edition of the»Favorite village of the French Next to Stéphane Bern.

Passionate about traveling, Raphaël de Casabianca is a globetrotter who has traveled around the world since 1998 to make documentaries. He worked for Travel Channel and National Geographic Channel, but was also editor of the magazine »O feminine", On France 2, or columnist alongside Julien Courbet in the show"Would you be a good expert? "A beautiful resume, in short, which proves its legitimacy, and will appear in the next issue, with guest Franck Gastambide.


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