Funeral of Johnny Hallyday: Eddy Mitchell honestly says what he thought of the ceremony at the Madeleine

It is an unfiltered Eddy Mitchell who has just said as honestly as possible what he thought of the funeral of his friend Johnny Hallyday last December in the Madeleine.

France will remember her farewell for a long time Johnny Hallyday, organized in two phases on Sunday 9 December in Paris. A first part in which the idol Jeugdzoeker descended the Champs-Elysees, surrounded by hundreds of cyclists, and a second where friends and fans had gathered in and in front of the church of the Madeleine for a religious ceremony of the more moving. A highlight that both fans of Johnny and – since – every ninth of the month found happy and anonymous, decided to meet in the same church in honor of the memory of the father of Laura, David, jade and joy. In the midst of famous friends all in tears behind their smoked glasses on December 9, 2017: Eddy Mitchell. Johnny Hallyday's henchman since their beginning, the rocker did not hide his deep grief when he heard of the disappearance of his old mob and told AFP that he lost more than one friend, "Rather a brother".

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From the ceremony to the Madeleine, Eddy Mitchell will not speak … until today. Asked by our colleagues from North Eclair, the interpreter of Rio Grande was very honest by admitting: "I do not like those moments, whether it's for a friend or not." Which did not stop him from being there to say goodbye to his Johnny. "I am not a church and I am not a priest, He added. Even if they were very good. I hate this kind of place. " He is not the only one …

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