Heritage Lotto, instructions for use

On Monday 3 September a new scratch game will be offered for sale for the benefit of the heritage. On September 14, a special lottery draw will be dedicated to the same matter. What a chance to try to save 270 monuments that are in danger.

Who wants to earn millions? From Monday 3 September the French Games launches a new crab game, Heritage Mission. With a cost of 15 euros each, it will finance the restoration of endangered monuments (1) and possibly win up to 1.5 million euros. The 15 cm by 20 cm cards are sold in tobacco bars or press houses. From this date we can also buy a lotto grid (3 euros) at the same point of sale, which will be validated on 14 September during a special draw in favor of the heritage. The lotto jackpot will be 13 million euros.

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These two games of chance, launched by the Ministry of Culture and Stéphane Bern, were ordered by the government as national designation. The state hopes to raise between 270 and 270 million euros for 270 buildings, the list of which was halted before the summer. After the profit has been deducted, the points of sale have been paid and the social taxes have been paid, the Heritage Foundation will manage and distribute the remaining amounts.

● The Mission Mission tickets from September 3:

Twelve million scratch cards, called "Heritage Mission", were published in a plant in Detroit, USA (for the indignation, the FDJ explained that there was more French industrial site that could respond to the order); They are offered in the 30,800 points of sale of La Française des Jeux (bars-tabacs or houses of the press), as well as online (www.fdj.fr). During the Heritage Days, on 15 and 16 September, hosts and hostesses will introduce them to Bercy, to the Ministry of Culture, to the Élysée, to the Château de Chambord, to the ramparts of Carcassonne and at the foot of the Mont-Saint -Jean. Michel. These banknotes are in circulation as long as stocks last (for four to six months).

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The maximum profit for the players will be exceptional (the equivalent of 72% of the bets, one of the highest return rates). Almost one scratch card on three wins (1 chance on 2.92). The profit varies from 15 euros to 1.5 million euros (one chance of 2 million euros). For its part, the Heritage Foundation receives the equivalent of 10% of the bets, which it donates entirely to the monuments.

Heritage Lotto on September 14:

A special Lotto draw will be organized on 14 September. The opening of the stores (validation of the networks) will take effect from 3 September. We can play in the same outlets as usual. The jackpot will be 13 million euros, an amount also exceptional. The game offers a 5.99 chance to win and a 19 million chance to win the jackpot. If it is not won on September 14, it will be put into use the next day, with an extra million euros. In addition, 50 Super Lotto codes will be signed on September 14 and 50 winners can win € 20,000. The Heritage Foundation receives 0.75 cents per lattice for restorations.

Prototype of the check that the theater of the Blues of Bar-le-Duc (Maas) could receive thanks to the scratch games of Mission Heritage.

Prototype of the check that the theater of the Blues of Bar-le-Duc (Maas) could receive thanks to the scratch games of Mission Heritage. Heritage Foundation

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