Jennifer Lawrence, gourmet beauty: "If I want a piece of pizza, I eat" spoke to Jennifer Lawrence in the margins of this the shooting and this shoot. The heroine of the film Red sparrow and Cooke Maroney & # 39; s girlfriend (with whom she recently traveled to Paris) told the website of the eponymous journal to have minor habits during difficult shootings: "I start to complain. I have a fairly strict complaints system that I try to respect. And I eat."

"I am very strict about my diet: if I want a piece of pizza, I eat a piece of pizza, adds Jennifer Lawrence. But I do more than normal sports because I want to look like something so that I can crawl into my clothes. I get a picture if I do not ask for it, so it adds pressure to look good and feel better. For me it is easier to put this extra effort into the sport than in: & # 39; Oh no, I can not eat that. & # 39;"

In February 2019 Jennifer Lawrence plays the leading role X-Men: Dark Phoenix.

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