Jul realizes the dream of Moreno, a child with leukemia, a few days before his death

Jul fulfilled the wish of Moreno, an 11-year-old boy.

The rapper Jul met Moreno, a child with leukemia, a few days before he died on August 21st. His young fan had fought against this disease for years. The biggest dream of the 11-year-old boy was to meet his idol.

Moreno & # 39; s parents did everything to contact the artist. It is thanks to the perseverance of their friend, rapper Dejya, that they were able to reach the star. "Initially, Moreno wanted Jul's cap to work. As an artist, her parents thought it would be easier for me to buy one. I, in my head, have told myself that it would be complicated. But I never let anything go", says Dejya.

Touched by the situation of the family, he canceled his vacation to find Jul. It is thanks to the social networks that the man reaches his goal. "I told myself that a small message, plus another small message, etc., could become a big message. I was followed by all communities, without hatred. I was very touched by this (…) I said to myself: I will not let go. It was the last wish of my little neighbor, it had to work", he says.

When this story reached Jul's ears in July, the rapper contacted Dejya. He did not hesitate to meet his fan terminal, details La Dépêche du Midi.

That day Moreno was in his grandparents' house. When he saw his idol land, he did not believe his eyes. "It was incredible for him. You introduce yourself, the artist who sells the most albums in France, in his living room. Moreno was his first fan. That day I can say that I saw what happiness is", says rapper Dejya.

The latter was touched by the simplicity of the star. "Jul came alone, without a trick. In his eyes I saw that he was also very moved to meet Moreno. It is not the artist we saw that night, but the man", he says.

Jul did not stop there. He took Moreno for a ride. The artist has improvised a free style for his young fan. A few days later, after realizing his dream, Moreno left this world.

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