Kate Middleton on maternity leave since her birth, when are we going to see Prince Louis again?

An idyllic family! Yes meltynauts, hard not to succumb to the charm of the tribe formed by the Duke and the Duchess of Cambridge and their children. Adorable and always accomplices, they captured the heart of the whole world. While you can pick up one of the most iconic dresses from Kate Middleton, when are we going to see Prince Louis and his mother again on an official date? Not in the immediate! Indeed, if we believe the information from Hallo! Magazine, no major event planned at the end of the year, nothing that would be essential to force the mother to point the tip of her nose as was the case for the Queen's birthday

You can, however, make notes because it is possible that mother and son appear during the Christmas period: "There will be no family reunions in the coming months, but members of the royal clan are often around Christmas, for example, they regularly send a greeting card with a family portrait and it is clear that this year we have a cliché with Prince Louis Рyou never know they could even wear traditional outfits. " As you understand, we will have to be patient. In the meantime, check out the thank you card that Kate Middleton sent after Prince George's birthday.

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