Marco Koskas & # 39; & # 39; Band of French & # 39 ;, selected by the Renaudot Prize, provokes the anger of the booksellers

Of the 17 novels selected this week in his first selection by the Renaudot prize jury, "Bande de Français" by Marco Koskas is a self-written written book via Amazon's CreateSpace platform.


Author of fifteen books that were published by & # 39; classic & # 39; publishers, Marco Koskas explained that he had not found a publisher to publish his book that tells the immigration of French Jews in Israel. The 198 page book that can be purchased in April on the Amazon website is sold for 9.97 euros. On the back is the name of a whimsical publisher, "Galligrassud", suitcase word for Gallimard, Grasset and Actes Sud.

"This title, exclusively issued by Amazon, is therefore present in one of the 3,500 French bookshops," said the SLF. "How to deprive an author of the first book sales network in France when the purpose of a literary prize is to promote the selected titles to the public? The order of this book is technically and commercially almost impossible for booksellers," s indignation the professional syndicate from booksellers.

"It would be the least sold Renaudot prize in history"

Contacted by Culturebox, Guillaume Husson, general deputy of the Syndicat of the French bookstore, pushes the nail: "Imagine that he wins the Renaudot prize, it will be the Renaudot prize sold least in history, because it will not be available in bookstores ". Only downside, to have a place on the booths of our booksellers, it must, except exception, have been edited by a publisher of the traditional circuit. The self-published books by Marco Koskas such as "Bande de Français" do not really have their place at the moment.

On Wednesday, the book was ranked 509th in Amazon's bestselling books in all categories and in the 206th category in the literature.

Amazon, an "inexorable machine of war"

In a report published in March, the SLF accused Amazon of being an "inexorable war machine", which, according to the booksellers, "strangles the competition, degrades work and threatens our city centers". "Amazon is not a competitor like the others," said the SLF. "It not only wants to become a major player in the book market, it also wants to become a market by eliminating its competitors, organizing unfair competition, escaping the tax, bypassing the only price, the book and replacing all publishers, distributors and booksellers, "the booksellers are outraged.

And that's what the SLF messes up: "We wanted to let the jury know that Renaud had the price on the political, commercial and symbolic of this choice," emphasizes Guillaume Husson. Symbolic because the potential victory of the book M. Koskas would be a bitter defeat for booksellers in the confrontation between the gigantic Amazon. However, the SLF did not explicitly request that the book be removed from the selection of the literary prize.

"A scandalous blackmail" (M. Koskas)

From Tel Aviv, where he now resides, the writer has given an answer to the booksellers: "This is blackmail and a scandalous dictation, the booksellers have to attack publishers who refused to publish me, and not to me," he said and remarked. that they could change their minds, as Amazon had no exclusivity on his book. A call from the foot is hardly concealed.

Mr. Koskas explains that the refusal of the publishers by their concerns only becomes commercial, according to him, an increasing hostility towards Israel and perhaps a lust of the publishers towards him. "The demonization of Israel has taken more and more space in the editorial world," he says, referring to a "state of mind in France that takes over the Arab-Islamic story that systematically condemns Israel."

The Renaudot jury will announce its second selection on 3 October. The Renaudot prize will be awarded on November 7th.

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