Master Alex Vizorek on Magritte

The Academy André Delvaux found his kamikaze to succeed Fabrizio Rongione in the role that is infinitely boring master of ceremonies of the 9th edition of Magritte of cinema, held on the square in Brussels on 2 February 2019 and broadcast live on La Deux. comedian Alex Vizorek has indeed agreed to climb the niche. Former student of Cours Florent, the Belgian comedian, columnist of France Inter and in the show "Salut les Terriens!" Van Thierry Ardisson, is particularly experienced in the delicate exercise of the live valve. He also took his one-man show "Alex Vizorek is a work of art" on all French-speaking theater stages and resumes from 11 to 18 September at the Théâtre du Gymnase in Paris, adapting the comedy "Trois men and a cradle". There is no doubt that the people of Brussels succeed in bringing the evening freshness and brutality!

Helena Noguerra, Charlie Dupont and Fabrizio Rongione have distinguished themselves in the event for Vizorek. This is the first time that it is ready to play, even if we have seen it last year to deliver (while we specify it "It has nothing to do with the urge to vomit") a price. His intervention did not go unnoticed, with a lot of fun with a few happy people in our political landscape, such as Theo Francken, Charles Michel or Yvan Mayeur. Far from frightening, the Delvaux Academy has therefore appreciated his witty rebellion and takes the challenge to entrust him with the reins of the entire ceremony.

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